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We use laser assisted active localized heating of metals to identify the surface anomalies such as cracks at ambient and elevated temperatures. Laser thermography is excellent for usage in automated environment, with its fast and reliable test procedure.


Induction thermography is a noncontact imaging test method in metallic structures for the detection of defects. It uses induced eddy currents to heat electrically conductive materials. Eddy current produces localised heating due to the resistance of the material. The infrared emission from the material surface is detected by a suitable imaging system. Anomalies in the surface heating correspond to defects in the material.  We use this technique to study and understand the induction heating mechanism in carbon fiber reinforced polymer.


Pulse thermography is used in parts and coatings to analyse interfaces, thicknesses and material characteristics. A component's heat equilibrium is interrupted using a pulse of energy. Through heat conduction, this disruption declines quickly. The decay behaviour contains the desired information about many material properties.

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