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Associate Professor, Measurements & Modeling Lab, Department of Physics, IIT Madras

Dr. C.V. Krishnamurthy is currently the associate professor at the Measurements & Modeling Lab, Department of Physics, in IIT Madras, and is an associate of the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE) research group. He obtained a PhD in Condensed Matter from IIT Madras, India, in 1989 and is actively involved in non destructing testing (NDT) projects including the development of diagnostic tools for nondestructive evaluation with ultrasound, electromagnetic waves and in imaging as well. His research interests also include the molecular dynamics of confined systems and the modeling of elastic, thermal and electromagnetic properties of polycrystalline and heterogeneous media using wave propagation characteristics.

Dr Krishnamurthy's work in the field of NDT has been recognized by the Defence Research and Development organization (DRDO). For his contribution, he received the prestigious DRDO Academy Excellence Award for ‘Outstanding and Internationally recognized contribution in the field of NDT in collaboration with DRDO Laboratories leading to innovative and implementable products for DRDO Stakeholders' in 2017. His research is strongly collaborative, working on multidisciplinary research activities with various entities such as DRDO, CNDE, the Engineering Design laboratory and the Mechanical Engineering department in IIT Madras.

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