About Us

CNDE is India’s Leading Research group in Non-Destructive Evaluation

Established in 2000, the Centre for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE) at IIT Madras is designed to be a world leader in the field of non-invasive industrial inspection and diagnostics.

Our goals are to provide enhanced education in the area of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE), to perform basic scientific and/or industrially relevant research to develop innovative products and processes and to provide a focal point for information and technology transfer.

We have a devoted team of research and project co-ordinators, research scientists, project officers and associates and PhD and MS scholars striving untiringly to contribute to realizing the above goals.


Turnkey industrial robotic inspection system and simulation and software

Develop high-temperature monitoring systems for pipeline using NDE techniques & aerial drone based inspection system.

Advanced underwater/submersible robotic inspection with NDE inspections.



With strong links in India and abroad, CNDE has active and ongoing engagements with various respected organizations leading to delivery of solutions.

Academic Partners

Active collaboration between CNDE and its academic partners have contributed to innovation and globalization.